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Are you experiencing problems with your roof? If that's the case, you will need to get in touch with a roofing repair company to enable you to correct the problem. However, you may not be aware that there are essentially several variations of roofing challenges that roof repair providers could possibly tackle. These will include Slating or Slipped Slates, Tiling, and various types of small jobs.

Subsequently, in order to make absolutely certain that you are getting the kind of service you will need, it is always beneficial to learn more about roof repair services and what they can do to assist you with repairing your roof or simply to give you advice on making improvements to safeguard your roofing requirements.

Tiling Your Roof

Regarding the kind of roof you currently have, you may well be better off choosing to retain the services of a roofing company to replace the damaged tiles on your roof. If you have got a roof that consists of clay tiles, slates, concrete or wooden shingles, you may want to have these types of roof tiles replaced instead of having extensive repairs carried out.

It is definitely a very good idea to employ a professional to repair or replace damaged roof tiles, as they can be extremely fragile and you may well accidentally cause further damage if you try to install them yourself.

Adding Insulation

Roofing companies can in addition come in useful when it comes a point in time when you need to insulate your roof. The fact is that there are so many properties that still do not have adequate insulating in the roof space, which makes it possible for heat to escape and can easily cause damage to the roof itself. Needless to say, allowing heat to escape is considerably inefficient and results in much higher energy bills as well.

Quite possibly your roof appears to be in good condition, it is still a good strategy to have a professional take a look at the roof space every 4 or 5 years to make sure the insulation is in good condition and is doing the job it was designed for.

Felting Your Roof

If your property has a flat roof, you most probably have felt in place to make it waterproof. This felting, which is usually rolls of cellulose that are reinforced and backed with tar, are then melted to the roof with a torch. If it is an older flat roofs a hot pot may have been used with a covering of hot tar and felt. These types of roofs should be inspected every few years in order to make absolutely certain that your roof is benefiting from the waterproofing protection and safeguards it requires.

Installing Copper And Lead-work

In some cases, copper or lead work is used to waterproof a roof whereby the roof has a valley, gulley, chimney or maybe an adjoining wall that requires lead flashing. This method is commonly used in the domestic, commercial and industrial industries such as private homes and large public buildings, factories, warehouses and churches.

Installing gutters

Another service that we provide is installing new uPVC guttering and downpipes, performing maintenance and repair tasks and often clearing the rainwater goods from blockages. While it is true that you can clean these on your own, it is a much safer option to get us to do the job for you. Additionally our professional roofers have all the equipment necessary to do a thorough job and, while we are up there, we can give your roof the once over in order to determine whether any additional repairs are necessary.

Repairing chimney Stacks

We repair chimneys, if necessary we can rebuild them or completely remove the entire stack from the roof.

In addition to all of these services that are typically performed by professional roofers, we also specialize in other types of building work. For example, you can hire us to help you create bird guards or a roof garden if you so desire. Choosing us simply makes certain you are hiring a professional team with a solid reputation, so you can be certain you will get the results you desire.

Colchester Roof Repairs Services Include: flat roofing repair, tiling, slating, installing gutters, downpipes, lead flashing, Loft insulation, felting and repairing chimneys. Call 07740 264 794 now for your free no obligation estimate.

Highly Skilled Roofers

We have over 25 years of experience in the building and roofing service industry. We are confident when offering you a guarantee on all the work that is carried by our roofers, pointers, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plasterers and all tradesmen.

Enabling you to choose a flexible time scale for your requirements (within any 24 hour period) through out the entire year gives you a very professional workforce who are competent, efficient and extremely reliable at all times. The entire work force will always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Find us here: Colchester Flat Roofing

gutter repairs

As part of our extensive selection of gutter repairs, cleaning and replacement services, we are offering all of our customers more than 25 years experience and expertise.

Small jobs such as repairing and replacing uPVC gutters, downpipes, soffit, barge boards and fascias are always a pleasure.

We are more than happy to offer free surveys and insurance quotations for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

All repair work, replacements and new installations are fully guaranteed.

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You can contact us any-time for emergencies and storm damage to your property on our 24/7 call out number: 07740 264 794

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New installations, leaking flat roofs, slated and tiled, ridge tile repair or replacement, verges, hips, a pitched and flat-roof cleaning service. Rainwater Goods - guttering and downpipes repaired or replaced, cleaned, guards and soil pipes fitted. Brickwork - Removing, rebuilding and repointing chimneys, pots removed or replaced, gas cowls and vents fitted. Leadwork - Valleys, gulleys, saddles, wall lead flashings supplied and fixed. uPVC Products - Barge boards, cladding, fascias, soffits, capping boards and ventilation. Dangerous Materials - Asbestos sheeting repaired, cleaned or safely removed.

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